Add Drone Shots to your Video Production

Lime Digital News   •   July 11, 2017

Filming scenes with a drone lets us capture breathtaking aerial shots that add visual excitement to your video. The perspective of a drone – whether a high, wide angle aerial or a closer, more intimate shot – provides a sense of motion and grandeur that was previously limited to large budget projects that could include very expensive helicopter shots.

Thanks to Lime Digital drone technology, amazing aerial shots are now within reach of most video production budgets.

More and more of our clients – corporate, academic and nonprofit want to include drone shots in their videos because drone shots can do so many things:

  • Show the historic nature of your building
  • Realestate listings
  • Show the majesty of your landscape
  • Give an overview of a very large setting (a construction site, a football stadium, a multi-building campus, etc.)
  • Create an epic feeling
  • Set a particular emotional tone

Drone video is one of the top 10 video production trends for 2017, and its popularity is exploding. Contact Lime Digital today to discuss your next video project.

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